Quick Burlap Placemats

I can’t wait to show you how I’ve spent my afternoon–I’ve had entirely too much fun! Do you remember my silverware holders?

filled with silverware_1

Well, look what I made to go with them:

Placemat & silverware holder_1

A set of burlap and chalkboard placemats. ( I told you I like to make things in sets!) I absolutely love how these turned out! I had been looking for some casual placemats, and then I ran across this blog post for no-sew chalkboard placemats. I liked the look of the burlap with the chalkboard runner, so I decided to give these a try.

I had some difficulty finding the runner, but finally found it in the craft section of my local Walmart. The roll looks like this:

Burlap roll_1

I followed the instructions on the blog, so I won’t go in to great detail, but I made each of my placemats 18″ wide, and I was able to get 6 of them out of one roll. This really was a quick project–it took me about 45 minutes to make the 6 placemats. It’s easy to write on the chalkboard runner, and if you want to erase the wording, it comes right off with a damp paper towel. I love the texture they add to the table:

Table set with silverware holders_1

I even love how they look set with a traditional place setting of dishes:

table set with dishes_1

I know I will really enjoy using these placemats this summer. In fact, we are having company for the weekend, so it’s the perfect time to try them out and show them off!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and, as always, remember:

“May the waves kiss your feet, / the sand be your seat, / and your friends out-number the stars”.



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