In My Own Little Corner


One of my favorite parts about my craft room is the chair in the sitting area. It is so comfy and relaxing to sit in, and the combination of the slipcover’s floral pattern and big ruffled skirt, along with the pillow cover made with a vintage handkerchief add so much charm and personality to that corner of the room. However, I have never liked the side table and table lamp, as I have always thought that their scale was too big for that corner, and their style didn’t match the vintage charm of the chair.

My craft room will be 5 years old this Fall, so I decided my presents to my room were going to be to give it a thorough, deep cleaning over the summer and to make some changes to the sitting area. I have had so much fun redesigning the sitting area, and I am so excited to show you how everything turned out! I did all of the planning and work myself, and I feel so good that I was able to use or repurpose things that I already had. I have taken a series of pictures that show my step-by-step process.

Are you ready? Let the pictures begin:

My goal was to replace the side table and table lamp, and also bring in more of the vintage style and charm that I love. The new side table ended up having the biggest impact and, once it was in place, the rest of the changes just fell into place. I replaced the table with a luggage rack


and my grandmother’s suitcase


which I spray painted


pink! Ballet slipper pink, to be exact! I had never spray painted anything like this before, so I read a lot of DIY posts before starting, which boosted my confidence. I am so pleased with how well it turned out, and I can’t believe what a difference it makes in my corner! The overall size and scale fit so much better, and the suitcase just oozes vintage style and charm–and it’s pink to boot!

I originally had planned to use the suitcase as a beverage center for parties or at the holidays. However, it was too big for the space I had, so it has sat up in our attic for several years. I feel so good that I was able to give it new life and a purpose, and my husband is thrilled that one more thing is out of the attic. I’d call that a win-win situation!


Next came the lamp, and look how perfectly it fits on top of the suitcase. It’s like they were made for each other! This lamp was the original lamp on the other side table, and I honestly don’t remember why it got switched out for the aqua lamp. In any case, this lamp was also in our attic, so, once again, I was able to find a purpose for this lamp. And, once again, I was able to remove another item from the attic. I’m on a roll!

Now it was time to fill up the rest of the table.


I started by re-covering 2 books with material from an old pillowcase. I didn’t remove the pink ticking material; I just covered over it. I love how the ticking stripes peek through.


I then took it one step further and added extra interest and charm to the spine of one of the books by making a ribbon marker. I glued the velvet ribbon on top of the lace ribbon; attached a shell charm to a 10mm jump ring; and then looped one end of the ribbon through the jump ring.



I finished out the top of the “table” with an antique picture frame that I made the center flower for, a journal, and a sweet tea cup and saucer.



At this point, I am just giddy with excitement at what I’ve accomplished! I completely changed the look and feel of my sitting area, and the vintage style of both the table and chair compliment each other.

BUT, I’m not quite done. I had one more thing I wanted to add to the window area–a ribbon garland. I thought that the window area could use some softness and interest, and I was hoping that the garland might accomplish that. So, I read more DIY posts; gathered up various ribbon/material strips and twine; and set out to make one. I cut all of the strips to 20″ long;


experimented and found a ribbon/material sequence that I liked;


taped the twine to an open doorway; and started tying the ribbon on to the twine with square knots.


I had marked off the distance I would need with washi tape, and just kept repeating the sequence until the space was filled. It turned out even better than I had imagined and I couldn’t wait to hang it! My husband helped me attach two small eye hooks under the window trim and up it went.



I absolutely love the ribbon garland itself–I love how soft, flowing and feminine it is, and even the fact that the ribbons aren’t all the same length just adds to it’s handmade charm.


I have to be honest, however, and tell you how surprised I was that I didn’t like it once it was up. I couldn’t put my finger on the issue, but there was just something that bothered me initially. Change is hard sometimes, so I just decided to live with it for a few weeks and then re-evaluate my opinion. I am happy, and relieved, to report that I have completely changed my mind about the garland and I can’t imagine my sitting corner without it. It’s here to stay.


I have enjoyed being able to show you the changes I made to my sitting area. Thank you for coming by and for your continued interest in my little blog. It means so much to me! I hope you are all healthy and safe, and, until next time, and as always, remember:

“May the waves kiss your feet; the sand be your seat; and your friends out-number the stars.”






5 thoughts on “In My Own Little Corner

  1. Adorable little spot in your fantastic, creative space! What a great idea to repurpose the suitcase….kudos for trying spray paint! I have to say I LOVED the garland as soon as I saw it…the colors, textures, all or it! So happy you’re happy💗

    Enjoy your sweet sitting are! It’s lovely!


  2. What a cozy little corner I could snuggle up in with a cup of tea!
    You are so creative and I love your color scheme
    You are awesome!


  3. I am behind on replying, Cyndi, but I love your creativity. WOW you are talented!!!! Hope your family is all well and safe. Much love – Aunt Gwen



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